About us

Who we are

“Key Strategy was founded in 2005 in the Principality of Monaco with a view to providing our clients and business partners with top-quality services and solutions ensuring clients’ success, business efficiency and effectiveness and constant reliance, while answering their specific demands for experience and confidentiality.

The Principality of Monaco is a unique, dynamic State and an exemplary crucible of cosmopolite cultures and modernity. A prime financial centre, with strict regulation and anti money-laundering legislation in place, which the enlightened vision of His Sovereign, Prince Albert II, is permanently leading towards excellence and innovation.

Having established itself to be one of the foremost advisory firms in Monaco, Key Strategy is offering a kaleidoscope of interrelated multi-jurisdictional support and advice services, in a vast array encompassing regulatory, operational, financial, tax, legal and contractual, inheritance planning. Mostly dealing with UHNW individuals we know wealth is being preserved for the next generations and our approach is always prudent in nature and always focused on the long term.

Our professional team main fields of advisory activity are:  business, compliance, strategy management, international wealth & assets protection, international tax (incl. of French Tax), international estate planning, corporate law, trusts & foundations’ law, and real estate strategy and law.

Whatever objectives you wish to achieve our professional qualified team will guide and assist you through the full process focusing on what is important for your business and understanding the challenges you are facing in a perpetually evolving and complex business environment.

We know how to welcome regulatory changes in our industry, as well as the turning of the world economy, and are looking forward to discussing with you what your business needs are and helping you achieve your objectives.”


Alessandro and Federico GARRONE

Founding Partners

Alessandro GARRONE

Federico GARRONE

Our team

Our team encompasses business, legal, compliance, tax and accounting professionals who possess over 20 years of experience, in-depth knowledge and expertise applicable in Monaco, Switzerland, France, Italy, the UK and the European Union countries in general, but also in Asia and Oceania.

They underpin their extensive practical experience with academic knowledge and professional industry specific qualifications.

Our professional team are constantly keeping up to date with the deep regulatory changes in our industry, as well as the turning of the world economy.

They have extensive knowledge and overview of domestic and international laws and regulations, as well as significant in-house experience in providing efficient and compliant advice to facilitate success in our clients’ businesses.

Our multilingual team speaks more than 10 languages.